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Enjoying Your Theater Experience

No Cable? Minimal Internet? How You Can Still Catch Up on Your Favorite TV Shows

by Nathaniƫl Van Ittersum

Enjoying your favorite TV shows doesn't have to mean paying an arm and a leg for fast internet service or premium cable channels. With a little perseverance and a little errand-running, you can hopefully get your hands on inexpensive Blu-ray box sets of most shows.

The Bargain Bin Is Your Friend

Chain retailers can all provide you with the opportunity to score good deals on your favorite TV series sets. While new DVDs and Blu-rays from these stores can be pricey, older stock is put on clearance every week in order to make room for the newest titles. Most big box stores have a bin or two of items under $5, and some neighborhood convenience stores even offer them as well. You'll typically find older classic shows that have been re-released, as well as more obscure series that sold poorly due to a limited audience.

Charity shops and thrift stores can help you pad out your collection as well. Prices for box sets at these shops are usually much lower than retail, since items are acquired cheaply or donated. The best time to check these shops is when the seasons change, since people are more likely to donate in general after redecorating or cleaning out their homes. Just make sure to ask whether the store tests its DVDs and Blu-rays before you make a purchase, or you could waste money on a collection that doesn't play.

Local Sellers May Have Hidden Gems

Private TV fans and movie buffs occasionally need to make room on their shelves, and this can mean cheap entertainment for you if you know where to find them. Often, the best deals will show up in local advertisements. Online, you can find these on social media and Craigslist with a simple search. 

In the offline world, keep an eye out for newspaper advertisements in the classified sections. Free papers are usually loaded with these, but you might find collectors selling Blu-rays in bulk if you check the bigger papers. If you want to build a collection from scratch, some of these large sales can be a great place to start.

Shopping Online Doesn't Have to Cost You

While digital copies or streaming services for your favorite shows are out of the question, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the notion of online shopping altogether. Auction websites and online resellers can provide an excellent way to connect you with purveyors of used Blu-rays all over the world. In many cases, you'll be able to find the individual discs from a box set for cheaper than simply buying the set itself, and it's easier to reassemble a set when you can search hundreds of amateur sellers with just a couple of clicks.

Your Local Library Might Surprise You

It may sound crazy to look for DVDs or Blu-rays at the library, but modern libraries offer far more than just books for you to borrow. If you don't need to have a box set around permanently, your local public library might be just the place to get your TV series fix on the cheap. You can even use the catalog to search for series at nearby libraries and have them shipped to your local branch for you to check out.

Just be careful: late fees for digital media are often higher than they are for books. You'll also likely have a limit for how many digital goods you can check out at a time. In some states, this can be circumvented by borrowing concurrently from libraries in multiple counties, since each county has its own system.

Having a slow or limited internet plan doesn't mean you have to forgo watching the TV shows you love in the high quality you've come to expect. With a little legwork in your free time, you can quickly amass a respectable collection of your favorite Blu-ray box sets. For more tips on collecting your favorite shows on the cheap, visit resources like http://pristine-sales.com.