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Enjoying Your Theater Experience

When I started my own movie blog, I realized that I was going to have to see more movies than ever before. Although it was really fun to check out new flicks and familiarize myself with some of the celebrities, one thing I didn't expect to learn was how different some theaters are. However, I quickly realized that not every movie theater was created equally. Some theaters were comfortable and nice, while others were less than pristine. Fortunately, I quickly learned how to tell a good establishment from one that needed a little work. Check out this blog for tips that might help you to enjoy your theater experience.




Enjoying Your Theater Experience


Three Types Of Films That Make It Okay To Love Animation As An Adult

Animation is loved by people all over the world, and there's no reason you should feel embarrassed if you still enjoy cartoons as an adult. If you worry about appearing childish for watching animated movies, here are three kinds of animated films you can enjoy that are anything but for kids. Anime Anime refers to a subset of animation that's produced solely in Japan. Anime has become extremely popular in recent years, but it's not just for kids.