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When I started my own movie blog, I realized that I was going to have to see more movies than ever before. Although it was really fun to check out new flicks and familiarize myself with some of the celebrities, one thing I didn't expect to learn was how different some theaters are. However, I quickly realized that not every movie theater was created equally. Some theaters were comfortable and nice, while others were less than pristine. Fortunately, I quickly learned how to tell a good establishment from one that needed a little work. Check out this blog for tips that might help you to enjoy your theater experience.




Enjoying Your Theater Experience

So, You Want To Be A Stand-Up Comedian?

by Nathaniël Van Ittersum

If you love watching stand-up comedy, you may have thought, at one time or another, about becoming a stand-up comedian yourself. This is a lot of work, and it is not for everyone. Many people try and fail to make a career out of comedy, but a few do make it big — and there's no reason you can't be one of them! But first, you need to get started. Here are some tips for taking that first big step as a stand-up comedian. 

1. Watch documentaries on your favorite comedians.

Every comedian has a unique path that they followed in order to become successful. Your path will be unique, too. However, you can gain perspective by watching documentaries on some of your favorite stand-up comics and how they came to fame. You'll learn what challenges they had to rise above, which will make your own challenges feel like less of a burden. You'll also learn some tips for perseverance and may come up with some ideas to get you started on your own career.

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2. Talk to other local comedians.

Even if you do end up making it big one day, you'll probably perform in a lot of local clubs and bars first. A good way to get to know this scene and where the best places are to perform is to talk to other comedians performing on the local level. Attend their shows. They'll be glad to have the support and will probably be happy to talk to you about their comedy afterwards. 

3. Work on your routine.

You can't be a comedian without a routine. You should work on a single routine for now. Polish it up, have some friends listen and offer critiques, and get to know it like the back of your hand. This way, when you do get the opportunity to perform in a club or at an open mic night, you'll already be prepared and you won't be rushed to come up with content.

4. Ask to book gigs.

Don't just sit there and wait for the gigs to come to you! Actively seek out clubs and bars who book comedians in your area. You will have a harder time getting a gig with no previous experience, but if you ask around enough, someone will have a space that they need filled and will say "yes." Once you book your first one, booking new gigs gets easier.

Making it as a stand-up comedian is not easy, but the tips above should at least get you started.